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I (mostly) travelled smart – you know, didn’t wander off alone at night or to very remote areas, look lost or insecure, flash valuables or share too much personal information.But I still walked alone at beaches, along roads and through towns.But you just need to respond the same way– simply be respectful, firm and stand your ground (and if you’re also being as smart mouthed as the Jamaicans, you’ll end up sharing some laughs).

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If we could bring the unemployment rate for these Somali men down from 65% to the 15% for all black Africans, then another 30,000 Somali men would be in work and we’d be paying around £600m less a year in benefits The problems with the Somali community are not just in the high levels of unemployment.Earlier this year I set out on a solo trip, and when I mentioned Jamaica as the highlight of my journey, people got very worried.“It’s one of the most dangerous places you could go to”, “A woman can’t go there on her own, that’s just insane”, “If you go, stay at a popular hotel and only travel in groups with other tourists” were some of the reactions I got.I can only speak for myself and the brief time I spent there, but don’t worry – we have heaps of travellers in our community who share my experiences.It is true, Jamaica suffers from criminality and has one of the highest murder rates in the world – an unfortunate consequence of poverty, gangs, drugs and politics.

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